It’s been more than 11 years together, real-life challenges when cooking for our love ones, made us appreciate food for more than it already was, and we began a quest to educate ourselves on how to help our health and the one of the people around us, improve from the humble but yet important point of changing our diet. We support each other and we are a little experimental. We learn from others, we change things as we go to accommodate the demands we face, we learned how to listen to our bodies and as we age, we pivot to fit the particular needs we might have. From our kitchen to yours, the journey never ends.  


We have one of the most challenging reasons any cook at any level can have: Children with special needs, and aging adults.  

We have in our arsenal of complex clients (as we call them) the enigmatic Autism Spectrum Disorder aka ASD, the ever so vocal ADHD, the complex Gluten and Lactose intolerant, the arthritic middle age warrior, and last but not least the majestic picky eater.



We are experimental, and most of the food we cook comes from particular needs: the need to work around some foods or ingredients we can't eat, the need to change the way some of the traditional recipes are done, the need to make dishes taste better for the children mostly, the need to hide ingredients that the people we love don't want to eat but they need, and so much more! 

Need is the keyword here.




About Maria Isabel


Hi, my name is Angela Maria, and I’m Maria Isabel’s best friend. We decided to write each other’s bios since we know each other inside and out.  I call Maria Isabel IA (pronounced ee-yah) a nickname that was given to her by my daughter Nannette when she was a baby because she couldn’t say Maria Isabel, so instead, she just said the last two letters: -ia. IA floats and moves with the flow, her patience and loving demeanor gives her what is needed to create in the kitchen. She never rushes when we experiment, and she keeps me grounded, always making the experimentation process so much fun. With 11+ years of experience as a Personal Assistant (PA) and Personal Chef (PC), she can read minds, and in doing so, builds strong bonds of camaraderie and trust. No task is beneath her, and she will always smile, even when things are difficult. 

About Angela Maria

My name is María Isabel and I’m one of the two cofounders of Maria’s food Luv. I’d like to tell you a little about my friend, Angela. She is not only a friend, she is a lot more. Angela to me is family. She’s been alongside me through the toughest and the happiest times in my life. Every time I look back to a milestone, there is Angela. Angela and I are both very different. She is bold and risky, she is loud and a little crazy. She is going-ho and super enthusiastic. She is determined and persistent. She is the reason why Maria’s Food Luv exists. The idea was born out of our passion for creating beautiful things. Beautiful meals, beautiful pictures/videos. But Maria’s food love is a lot more than that. It is our friendship, our dreams, our past, and present. We both poured our souls and we worked hard every day. But this and many other things would have been unachievable without Angela. 



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We are each other's ride or die. We can read our minds & we are the exact opposite of one another.  We are bound by ties that can't be described with words, and because of that, we have each other's back. 11 years ago we began our wonderful relationship with cooking, and since then we have discovered how we can make our special clients go further considering the limitations we face. We are the Marias. Both Latinas and 6 years apart. Our children are our challenging clients and most direct critics.  We have honed down our skills and it’s time to share them with the world! We hope all of you enjoy them and if you see they fit as part of your diet and lifestyle, you might consider adopting them. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Let’s cook.