Order your growing kit online, and when you receive it, open it up! and be ready to enjoy growing part of the food you eat. 

Today more than ever, we should be eating well. Introducing microgreens to your regular diet is likely to be one of the many steps we should contemplate taking. What's more, their nutrient content is concentrated, which means that they often contain higher vitamin, mineral and antioxidant levels than the same quantity of mature greens.


*Take your tray out and place it on a flat surface

*fill the bottom of the tray with water, and immerse the growing mat in it, pad to aid the mat in absorbing water, turn around and repeat, fold in half and repeat on both sides. This should make the growing mat nice and wet. Open it up, if is still folded in half and place it on the bottom of the tray.

*Open your seeds package, and with a regular kitchen spoon scoop one full spoon and start distributing the seeds on top of your growing mat. There is not a particular direction or rule here different from the fact that the seeds must be distributed evenly on the growing mat, avoiding crowding and overlapping, as well as to much distance between them. Ideally, they should be nicely placed side by side. Pro tip: the keyword here is: Patience. If this step is done without rushing, you will ensure a strong crop. 

*If the bottom of the tray is dry or just slightly wet, add water until it reaches the growing mat, and you can see how the mat almost floats. Do not add to much water to the point that the growing mat will be almost immersed and that will disperse the seeds and made them float, instead of staying on the growing mat.

*for visual reference, watch our video


3 Days in the dark

*Once your growing mat is ready, it is time to hide in the dark (day 1). Good places will be under the sink, the pantry, or any place you might have available to place the tray and keep it in the dark.

*Day 2: Say good day to your seeds and add water enough to cover the bottom of the tray. Then let them be.

*Day 3: Say good day to your seeds again :) and add water enough to cover the bottom of the tray. At this point, you will see changes and the germination process will be evident. (for visual reference please watch our video)

*Day 4: Grab a cup of coffee or tea, and get your microgreens to tray out of the darkness, into the light. Add some water to cover the bottom of the tray; good places to place your Microgreens tray will be your kitchen countertop, near a window on top of a table, or anywhere you like. They really don't need to be where the sun shines, but if you want to place them near a window, they love to look outside, just make sure the water does not evaporate completely, so keep an eye on the water level.

*Day 5: Here you are sure to have shoots growing taller,  (for visual reference please watch our video), you now need to use the 8 rubber bands provided wit your kit. Pick up your growing mat with both hands from one end and let the water drip into the tray. Then place your growing mat on the clean sink, empty the water form the tray and line up the 8 ruber bands on the bottom, 4 across and 2 down. Place the growing mat on top of the rubber bands and then add water until it completely reaches the top of the growing mat (for visual reference please watch our picture/video). 

*Your microgreens will grow on a period of 7 to 10 days.

*From this point forward until harvest day, just make sure your tray does NOT go totally dry, sometimes when your tray is near a window the water might evaporate faster than when the tray is on the kitchen countertop. So when you are having your coffee/tea in the morning just great you microgreens and check the water. 

Now watch them GROW!


Now is harvest time!

*We like to use kitchen scissors to harvest our crops. (for visual reference please watch our video). With one hand grab as much as you can comfortably of the microgreens (a bunch) coming from the side, then simply cut about ¼ of an inch above the the very place the microgreens have grown, have a container ready and simply place the microgreens inside. Repeat as needed. It is a very easy process and you will become very proficient at it in no time.

*Your microgreens will last refrigerated for about 1 to 2 weeks depending on the crop. 

Then get ready to enjoy them!

When you cut them out, it is like trimming hair.

Add them to your favorite recipes, to garnish, and make your food SUPER!